UFOs and Volcanoes – A Connection?

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There’s no doubt that there are few areas of the world without reports of UFO sightings.  Whoever runs these craft, they certainly like to get around the world!  One series of reports however that has been brought back to top billing recently is the appearance of UFOs around dormant, erupting or even exploding volcanoes.  

So why would a UFO’s operator be so curious about this phenomena?  Why do UFOs and volcanoes seem to often be connected?

Mexico volcano sightings

One example of a more recent sighting comes from the Volcan de Colima in Mexico, one of the 18 most active volcanos in the country.  

The footage only lasts around five seconds and comes from WebCam Mexico but appears to show a mysterious, elongated object flying close to the volcano just as the lava erupts from it.  

It was taken at 20:35pm (Mexico time) on January 3rd 2016 and shows the object moving at a constant speed and low altitude.  It then appears to pass through the stream of erupting lava and appears on the other side.

Mexico, it seems, is something of a hotspot for the UFO Volcano phenomena.  A search of websites such as Latest UFO Sightings shows a host of stories about UFOs seen around volcanoes and a good number of them are in Mexico.

Popocatepetl volcano

Another example is footage of strange lights and a cigar-shaped UFO in the skies above the Popocatepetl volcano in October 2015.  This volcano is the second highest in Mexico and is in the central part of the country, some 43 miles south-east of Mexico City.  It once even had its own glaciers but global warming melted that and it no longer has its glacial features.  

The October sighting included lights appearing during four explosions from the volcano where gas vapour was released.  Some say these gas vapours could be responsible for hallucinations that caused people to see the craft when they weren’t there – but do webcams suffer from hallucinations?

Further afield

While Mexico does feature heavily in the UFO around Volcanoes category, it isn’t alone.  Japan is another country with large numbers of volcanoes and they do seem to receive extra-terrestrial interest.


One relatively recent sighting comes from May 2015 when an unidentified object was seen around the eruption of the volcano on Kuchinoerabu-jima island.

Another sighting was caught by a woman with a camera catching the eruption of the Calbuco volcano in Chile, which had been dormant for over 42 years until it erupted in April 2015.  Two flashing lights could be seen on the craft which hovered close to the dust and ash cloud thrown up by the volcano before disappearing into the thick clouds.  

Some observers point out that it could be a helicopter, observing the eruption but it seemed to stay static before moving so rapidly it appeared to vanish, unlike conventional aircraft.


Mount Etna is without doubt one of the most well-known volcanoes around the world and there are even listed sightings of UFOs around it.  

A couple were staying near the volcano on holiday and the man went out around 2am to watch the mountain from his veranda.  Abruptly he saw a ball of red light that seemed to move in a zig-zag motion.  It hovered around the volcano for around five minutes then moved off quickly in the direction it had arrived from.


While the phrase UFO may be a modern creation, the idea of strange craft in the sky isn’t new.  A sighting in June 1845 would today have been classified as a UFO sighting – a fireball that appeared near Mount Lebanon, a mountain range in Lebanon that runs along the Mediterranean coast, along with three mysterious glowing objects.

Weird World verdict

So is there a connection between UFOs and volcanoes or is it just a coincidence?  Are these visitors from wherever doing a spot of sightseeing or perhaps studying the volcanoes in the same way we do.

Are they sitting in their UFOs with an alien version of a seismograph, studying the eruption and even popping down to collect lava samples?  

Or as some people suggest – does the energy given off by these huge explosions somehow recharge these alien craft or even allow them to open a portal to travel to wherever they come from?

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